The greatest changes are going on up North!

The municipality of Sodankylä, located in the heart of Central Lapland, attracts with its town like services and clean nature. More and more people have been so deeply impressed with the beautiful Lappish nature and the genuinely caring hearts of the people in Sodankylä that they have decided to begin a new life up here. Of course, one other reason for such an important decision is the fact that this successful municipality can offer many good jobs for the newcomers. Sodankylä’s rate of unemployment is one of the lowest in Lapland.

Therefore Sodankylä warmly welcomes all new citizens. We have already built new municipal housing, in order to fit the growing housing needs. We have a wide variety of plots available with Arctic scenery, by water systems, and in the centre of the village. Besides plots, the municipality provides versatile high quality services to our residents of different ages.

The local stores offer personal and friendly service. People in Sodankylä genuinely care about each other, which can be seen in the local service culture.

Get acquainted with Sodankylä and its municipal services on administration’s own websites www.sodankylä.fi or